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The Rivers Path Canoeing Outfitters St Vrain:

“Tracking the St. Vrain to the Ocean”

The waters that flow through the St. Vrain and its tributaries begin coalescing mostly as drainage from snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains. Water gathers from Long’s Peak and Wild Basin, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, and the James Peak Wilderness Area and flows through Jamestown, Nederland, and Allenspark. This watershed includes several creeks that eventually flow together to officially form the St. Vrain in the vicinity of Lyons. The St. Vrain River flows east from Lyons through Hygiene to Longmont. Soon after Longmont it passes under Interstate 25, and heads toward Greeley. The St. Vrain joins the South Platte, and then the South Platte eventually heads northeast to Nebraska. From there its waters travel hundreds of miles, by various names, down through Missouri, Mississippi, and finally Louisiana to meet the Gulf of Mexico.

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