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Mar 02

Resilience: Seeking the Positive


We all know someone who is “stuck in their ways”—someone with a closed mind, who never sees the positives in any unfamiliar or challenging situation. There’s the supervisor who continually fails to give praise; that one family relative who won’t listen to any differing opinions; or even a friend who refuses to try new things. …

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Jul 16

Be Where Your Feet Are: Mindfulness Made Easy

How much of your life do you spend in the present? For many of us, practicing mindfulness by appreciating the present is a difficult and rarely enjoyed feat. Whether we’re planning tonight’s dinner, coordinating pick up times for the kids’ extracurricular activities throughout the week, or booking a vacation for winter break—our To-Do Lists often …

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Mar 06

Emotional Relationship with Nature

If you are reading this, you might be familiar with the fruits of a personal connection to nature —nourished by the memory of a tree or a river from your childhood, or the birds or deer that regularly pass through your backyard. Even if you move or travel frequently, perhaps there is some omnipresent element of …

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Aug 19

The Somatics of Emotion

Have you ever noticed what happens in your body as you experience different emotions? Do you know what it feels like to be grounded, centered, and present? When you are grounded, centered, and present, where are your shoulders? Where is your attention? Can you feel your feet on the ground? What does your breathing feel …

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