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Aug 05

Growing a Relationship Through Nature

If we consider what qualities make up a healthy relationship, communication, trust, and respect would certainly be at the top of list. But how many of us would include an appreciation of nature as a vital component in a relationship? Just in time for our Couple’s Quest Canoe Trip later this month, we’re examining why …

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Jul 11

Finding a Natural Balance

What is the difference between the adrenaline-stirring adventures that we love—like rock climbing, kayaking, and skiing—and what we call “natural disasters”? How do urban botanic gardens differ from the most remote meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park where wildflowers paint the landscape? Our love for adventure revolves around a subtle distinction between what Timothy Morton …

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Mar 29

Saudade (Longing for the Wilderness of the River)

There is a word in Portuguese that describes the feeling of longing better than any word in the English language. Saudade. (Pronounced Saw-dahd-gee) There is no direct translation. It is a feeling of longing that is so intense and so great that it consumes my being. According to Wikipedia, “Saudade is the recollection of feelings, experiences, …

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Jan 08

The Best Summer of My Life: Realizing a Vision

St Vrain River

  Last summer was the most amazing of my life. It was a summer of a dream and a vision realized. It was a summer of jumping fully into my life in a way that I have never done before. It was a summer of fearlessness. I’ve always worked in outdoor education. Always. Starting as …

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Apr 30

Oh My River… A Return to Lyons 7 Months After the Flood

Lyons after the flood

  Oh, my river… Remember where you came from… The last time I came to Lyons, I sobbed so hard that I had to pull my car over. I couldn’t see the road through my tears. This river, my river, destroyed this town. I came home to write about it, and promptly my hard drive …

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