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Mar 02

Resilience: Seeking the Positive


We all know someone who is “stuck in their ways”—someone with a closed mind, who never sees the positives in any unfamiliar or challenging situation. There’s the supervisor who continually fails to give praise; that one family relative who won’t listen to any differing opinions; or even a friend who refuses to try new things. …

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Aug 05

Growing a Relationship Through Nature

If we consider what qualities make up a healthy relationship, communication, trust, and respect would certainly be at the top of list. But how many of us would include an appreciation of nature as a vital component in a relationship? Just in time for our Couple’s Quest Canoe Trip later this month, we’re examining why …

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Jul 16

Be Where Your Feet Are: Mindfulness Made Easy

How much of your life do you spend in the present? For many of us, practicing mindfulness by appreciating the present is a difficult and rarely enjoyed feat. Whether we’re planning tonight’s dinner, coordinating pick up times for the kids’ extracurricular activities throughout the week, or booking a vacation for winter break—our To-Do Lists often …

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Apr 30

Oh My River… A Return to Lyons 7 Months After the Flood

Lyons after the flood

  Oh, my river… Remember where you came from… The last time I came to Lyons, I sobbed so hard that I had to pull my car over. I couldn’t see the road through my tears. This river, my river, destroyed this town. I came home to write about it, and promptly my hard drive …

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Apr 10

Laughter Beneath Sandstone Cliffs

Boulder Creek canoeing

How does it get any better than this? I went to a networking meeting and a woman named Rikka Zimmerman spoke about getting out of our own way. I was intrigued. Her work is all about living in the question, and one of her favorite questions stuck with me. I have played with it and …

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