Margaret Waddell

SongQuest Guide

Deep Listener, Chantress, Healing Sound Practitioner, Therapeutic Voice guide, Facilitator of Music Learning Experiences for Newborns thru Seniors

Margaret’s life path was set in motion when she announced to her second grade class that she was going to be a Hummingbird when she grew up. (She was always getting in trouble for humming in school.) Since then she earned both Bachelor (1985) and Masters (1990) degrees in Music, in Vocal Performance, as well as K-12 Music certification (1996). In 1993 Margaret began receiving urgent dream guidance to use music for healing. She studied intuitive work with Patti Conklin and spent a decade learning about grief, gifts, community and ritual from Sobonfu Somé, Wisdom Keeper of the Dagara tribe of Burkuna Faso, until Sobonfu’s passing in 2017. Margaret leads Community Chanting for Peace events celebrating planetary and celestial cycles. She facilitates Healing Sound concerts as well as private sessions. She performs the mystical medieval chants of Hildegard von Bingen. When Margaret is not musicking (and even when she is) she enjoys natural building projects, swimming outdoors, dreamwork, communing with nature, photographing landscapes and wildflowers, building compost, singing in caves, making herbal medicine, connecting with DNA relatives, having tea, conversation and hugs with friends.