River Rites

May 8-17, 2020

Mark a life transition with a sacred river canoeing journey and wilderness solo with a supportive facilitated ceremony in a spectacular canyon.


9 days, 45 miles of canoeing,
3 day solo, Delicious food, 12 participants max. 

Guides: Lauren Bond, Jonathan Kabat
Pricing: $1695, $1495 early bird, payment plans upon request

“The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.”

— Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

It’s time. It is time for a change. Your life is unfolding. You are in deep transformation. Feeling the river’s support every time your paddle enters the water. You feel at ease, trusting that the current will take you to exactly where you need to be. The ceremony offers the container to hold the fullness of your heart’s callings. The red canyon walls are strong and supportive, holding the stream of your life. Looking up, you realize that the sky’s the limit. This solitude is all you need to listen to your heart’s calling. The community with you on this journey offers a supportive reflection of your purpose.

Here in Labyrinth Canyon, the twists and turns of life all make sense. In these transitions you trust that you are on The River’s Path.

Join a small community of questers exploring the depths
of our hearts in Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in Utah.


About River Rites

Each life stream has its own unique flow, its own meanderings, rapids, eddies, channel, and shores. Taking time to explore our currents within and where they are leading us is what this River Rite is designed for. It is a quest, and adventure, a process of transformation. It is a method for clarifying the path of our inner river. We respect the individuality and simultaneously recognize that there are universal ways through life and her cycles.

The River’s Path offers this rite as a means to demarcate, consecrate, and celebrate each individual’s transitions with universal principles of transformation.

Utilizing iconic symbolism, stories, council practice, psychological models, wisdom traditions, ceremony, art, movement, and emergent modalities, we facilitate each participant’s unique way of preparing for and embarking upon their journey. Through celebration, mirroring, and Community practice, we support the embodiment, integration, and incorporation of the metamorphosis that occurs on such a profound voyage. It’s an adventure! Adventure into deep connection and Relationship with unique-self and the Greater-Self, one’s Soul Path.

This Rite of Passage draws upon ceremonial structures that are used by many individuals and organizations which have been leading these types of quests for decades. Some of the traditions are drawn from cultures from around the world and include symbology from the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. It is in no way our intention to “appropriate” cultural traditions and yet we recognize that these ceremonial ways are pan-cultural and are important elements to a deeply connected spiritual life.


What we will explore


The setting of a deeply felt intention, called Sankalpa in Sanskrit, is an (important) element in any endeavor. We will be working with not simply a “goal” or desired outcome, but rather our deeply felt sense of import.


Letting go of what we are holding onto is the only way to embrace fully what is calling us to embrace. The becoming of something new requires that the old way of being is let go of and for a time we are in the unknown, liminal state, before we become our new self or take on our new roles in life. This ending is what we refer to as severance. The intentional releasing of our past in order to step towards our future.


Listening to one another in a heartfelt way is one of the most profound healing practices known to the human heart. We will practice in a formal way each day a mindful heartfelt listening in circle with a talking piece to provide an opportunity to learn and deepen into this enriching way of sharing and supporting one another. This is a wonderful practice to take home to your loved ones and community.


In the tradition of a wilderness fast the period of time spent resting in the question is considered a liminal space, the unknown, or a threshold. We intentionally enter this sacred space with an open heart and mind. Listening for, rather than constructing answers, we open to transpersonal ways of knowing. Our wild nature and the wilderness which embraces us support our deepening of wisdom. We often call this a Wilderness Solo.

Wilderness Solo

Wilderness solo is a time to be alone in nature. It is a highly personal experience and there are no rules to follow, except for rules to keep you safe. It’s different than camping or taking a walk alone, in that you are stepping into the experience in community, while being supported by your guides. You are holding an intention that will shape your experience.  We invite you to mark the transition you are in by creating a ceremony to let go of something that no longer serves you or to invite something new into your life. There are no rules. You do not have to fast, though you can choose to.


There are particular way our facilitators support your integration and incorporation of your experience. As trained facilitators of inner work and wilderness practices we will hold a special ceremony for sharing your experiences after your return from your Solo. This community celebration is an intimate opportunity to have your experience reflected and amplified.


To embody and live in our new understanding of ourself and our role is often a most difficult task. The final element of our River Rite is not a short practice but a journey of continuance towards what we have realized is our path. The facilitators of your River Rite will offer to support you as well as agreements can be made within the group to support individuals in the process of embodying, incorporating, and becoming what they have realized is their new self and role in life. Coaching sessions and other opportunities such as online conferences will be offered to support participants in the deep work of transformation we call incorporation. Some offerings may require additional terms of service.