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Meet Lauren Kovsky

Lead Canoe Guide & Founder

After dedicating a career and a master’s degree toward working in outdoor and  environmental education, I found there wasn’t space in my work for stopping, sitting down and becoming lost in conversation with an eagle or a waterfall.

I found myself interacting with the natural world in a way that I couldn’t explain. Deeply connecting with Western Red Cedars, a Brazilian capybara, an Alaskan black bear, porcupines and a very curious Gray Jay eventually helped me realize I needed to create my own path. I had to create space for magic to happen, to form bonds that forever change lives.

Canoeing rivers right outside my back door in Boulder is the perfect way to find that magic. There is profound healing to be found in the gentle pace of the current amidst the towering cottonwoods and the soaring wild birds. The river retreats on the Green River in Utah are the culmination of my journey thus far, beginning with a conversation with a waterfall nearly 20 years ago.

Now in our seventh official season, The River’s Path has gone beyond my wildest expectations. I’ve spent nearly 35 years of exploring rivers and streams, and nearly twenty guiding them. We have guided nearly 1000 people down the St. Vrain river and taken over seventy down the Green River. The gratitude I feel is indescribable. It is a joy for me to share the sacred havens of the river with you.

~Lauren, Lead Canoe Guide

Environmental Leadership MA (now called Resilient Leadership MA), Naropa

Transformational Wilderness Guide, Earth Based Institute

Our Expert Team

Kathy Beadle

Head Guide & Logistics Guru

Kathy Beadle has guided for The River’s Path since 2017.  Through  guiding with The River’s Path, working in various group homes for at-risk children, and guiding with a white water rafting company, Kathy has used nature and experiential adventures to help others to find transformation in problem solving activities, team building and trust building. This in turn helps with self-esteem, self-reliance and relationship building. Her calling has always been to encourage others to sit quietly enough to find these qualities in nature for their own healing journeys. She does this deep work with a big dose of laughter!

Dawn Mockler

Day Trip Guide

Dawn discovered her passion for rivers when she began guiding on the Upper Colorado River in 2013. She fell in love with the deep canyons, diverse ecology, and the natural flow of the river’s path. Dawn is a Wilderness First Responder from NOLS  and has a B.A. Health Sciences from Castleton State University. She is currently working towards obtaining her M.A. at Naropa University where she is studying Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. Her hobbies are biking, cooking, snowboarding, hiking and exploring Colorado with her husband and her black lab Marely. Dawn is passionate about sharing her love of the river with you!

Amanda Loughlin

Day Trip Guide

I’m Amanda and I am originally from New England, and have been living in Boulder since 2013. I am currently a second-year  graduate student with the Naropa Wilderness Therapy Program. When I’m not busy with school and work you can find me skiing as much as possible, playing music with my band, writing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to seeing you all on the river!

Diane Laughlin

Day Trip Guide

I began canoeing rivers and lakes in Texas in 1972 and continued when I moved to Colorado in 1977. Many adventures followed in the Grand Canyon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Alaska. Being a horticulturalist in my summer job and a birding enthusiast I’ve enjoyed seeing great plants/flowers and birds while boating. Teaching skiing is my winter love and boating is my summer joy. I’m a lucky person!

Jonathan Kabat

iRest-In-Nature Retreat Guide

Jonathan is the developer of iRest-In-Nature an experiential imminent Nature Connection meditation practice.

He has studied and practiced meditation since 1993, primarily in the Buddhist traditions of Vajrayana and Vipassanā with many eminent Western and Eastern teachers. He’s trained as a wilderness rites of passage guide with Mike Bodkin of Rites of Passage in California and is a member of The Wilderness Guides Council. He has trained directly with Richard Miller Ph.D in Integrative Restoration (iRest) and has completed Level I of the iRest training program. He has studied extensively with Dave Talamo of Wilderness Reflections in Terra Soma and completed the Professional Ecotherapy Certification Program. Jonathan holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto California and see clients in California addressing issues of trauma with an eco therapy approach.

Tina Fields, Ph.D.

Women’s Retreat Guide

Tina has been guiding trips into the outer and inner wild since 1999, currently serving as core professor in Naropa University’s Ecopsychology M.A. program and earlier for the Audubon Expedition Institute, for which she lived wholly outdoors for over 200 days per year with traveling learning communities. Her work ties together ecopsychology, spiritual wisdom traditions, bioregional awareness practices, whole-systems cultural analysis, old-time skills, and storytelling/listening to help rewild the soul and help environmental behavior change shift in our minds from a perceived burden to a chosen joy. She loves practical mysticism, ancestral myths, and terrible puns.

Maggie Anderson

Yoga Retreat & Meditation Retreat Guide

Graduated from U.T. @ Austin with a B.A. in Biopsychology.  Worked 5 years for Outward Bound leading canoe and hiking trips in U.S.A. and Scotland. C.M.T. since 1994.  5 years training with Psychic Horizons in Boulder. Dedicated yoga practice since 1998.  Real Estate investor, flipper and agent since 2008.  Productivity and Life/Health Coach. Mother of 2 amazing men. Currently, Regional Distributor for That’s Natural CBD. I have dedicated my life to teaching, healing and helping others.  It is my soul’s work. There is no better place to learn and grow than the outdoors. Come join us for a magical week of  personal growth, community and natural wonders.

Kevin Flynn

Yoga Retreat Instructor

Kevin’s history with yoga begins with his hometown of Noblesville, Indiana.  He began taking weekly practices at his local gym which gave him a glimpse of the greater mind-body connection.  As a full time business student, Kevin found that his yoga practice was bringing depth to many aspects of ethical business practice.  In 2015 he received his 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification. Since then, he has been teaching Yoga full time and is completely dedicated to this path.

He hopes to share his knowledge and passion of yoga with his students by teaching the Yogic Philosophy, Breath Practices and Intention Setting.  While practicing with him, you can expect a nurturing and empowering space to be held. He considers himself a student before a teacher because a good teacher is adaptable and ever learning. Kevin is excited to be sharing his yoga experience on the river!

Jen White

Meditation Retreat Guide

Jen White has studied and taught healing, clairvoyant reading and mediumship at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado for over 10 years. She teaches beginning and graduate clairvoyant classes, and trance medium classes. Teacher, minister, reader and healer, Jen is focused on bringing light to the planet by honoring that within others. Jen looks forward to facilitating energetic touring, playtime and meditations in this powerful place on the planet. What new spaces within your inner landscape will you discover on this adventure? How will you relate to your world differently after this transformational time spent in nature?

Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Women’s Retreat Guide

My name means “spring” in Turkish—where water flows from the underworld onto the surface of the earth. In relation to the liminal, I identify as genderqueer. My studies include a B.A. in Somatic & Depth Ecopsychology from Prescott College as well as immersive studies at Animas Valley Institute, Wilderness Awareness School, Naropa and Esalen. My passions include ancestral skills, rites of passage, soul work, wildlife tracking, natural history, and the ecological intelligence of emotions.

So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Women’s Retreat Guide

So grew up in Vermont and loved its northern hardwood forests from a tender age. Growing up in a place with a strong shared land and community ethic, and experiencing nature-based education themselves as a child created a context for So to continue to explore as an adult the possibilities of human belonging in the natural world. This manifested in various ways, such as working in small-scale agriculture and studying earth-based living skills, but also through studying religious belief systems with attention to how the natural world is related to notions of the sacred in human culture. So has a BA from the University of Vermont in Religious Studies and Animal Science, and an MA from Claremont Graduate University in Religious Studies. As a nature mentor, So strives to combine empirical study of the natural world with appreciation of the contemplative and transpersonal realms of experience that are naturally accessed through nature-connection.

Experience the Magic
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What We Offer

The River’s Path offers wilderness canoe trips based out of Colorado’s Front Range, leading local canoe trips on the St. Vrain River as well as remote back country trips in Utah’s Canyonlands. We are easily accessible from Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and Fort Collins.

The River’s Path offers several different kinds of guided nature experiences, led by Lauren Bond Kovsky, lead canoe guide and expert naturalist. These include:

  • Full or half day canoe trips on the St. Vrain River
  • Vision Quest canoe retreats on the Green River in Utah
  • Wildlife viewing adventures in the Boulder area

Between the 25 miles of waterways we explore in our region and the expertise of of the canoe guide, we are equipped to offer you a gateway to the river’s diverse gifts. Whether you seek a few contemplative hours in nature, more confidence paddling, a lesson in river ecology, or a week-long vision quest among red-rock canyons, we are here to help you achieve what you desire!

Our canoe day trips on the St. Vrain River are within 30 to 40 minutes from Boulder, Denver, Greeley, and Fort Collins and 15 minutes from Longmont. If you seek a deeper, more personal dive into nature-connection, we facilitate Vision Quests—our signature backcountry guided canoe trips—where we float through the iconic Labyrinth Canyon section of the Green River in Utah.

Philosophy and Mission Statement

As an organization our canoe guides are dedicated to offering holistic river experiences that impart naturalist knowledge, technical skill, the transformative potential of the outdoors, and a greater sense of belonging in our community. Canoes can take us places that are difficult to reach on foot and offer a front-row seat to the secret lives of animals that depend on the river for survival. Naturalists and birders will delight in the ability to be in an ideal position for observation as they float. The river is also a place that abounds in symbols and metaphors, both cultural and personal. Being in the presence of such a vital life source can be healing and thought provoking. We at the River’s Path cherish the emotional connections people have to nature, and believe they are an important part of environmental stewardship