Meet Christiane Frischmuth

Women’s River Rites Guide

Guiding in nature is my soul’s work and I have done so in Colorado, New Mexico, around DC, upstate NY and Europe. I am integrating vision fasting and rites of passage processes into my life as I guide individuals and groups through transformational experiences on the land; be it in wilderness, a city park or a garden. I am also an organizational development facilitator, a life and leadership coach and provide leadership learning experiences for groups and individuals across the globe. I have been seeking out nature as my true home ever since I can remember.  I come from a small farming village in Germany and I have lived, worked, hiked, biked, swam and backpacked in the wilderness and in cities all over the world. I have solid wilderness skills, having hiked solo for months and taken wilderness first aid and survival skills courses. I am also a Yoga and meditation teacher and regularly vision fasts myself. Dancing, writing poetry, pottery, traveling and avid reading are part of my life’s tapestry.  I cannot wait to meet you all.