Couple’s River Retreats

The River’s Path Couple’s River retreats offer an immersive, 8 days of couple’s canoeing and coaching in the majestic Labyrinth Canyon of Utah’s Green River. Negotiate the challenges of the river with your partner, while learning from seasoned guides. Connect deeply with one another while enjoying the support of others who are (literally) in the same boat! Relax on a restorative, once in-a-lifetime retreat. We are LGBTQ friendly and encourage couples of all backgrounds, ages and ability levels to experience the river.

On a Couple’s River Retreat You Can Expect

  • Daily group coaching with Sarah Lila Oswald of Lead Your Love Life
  • Solo and quiet time with your partner to reflect and meditate
  • Daytime paddling on the serene river, with plenty of time for playful floating
  • Optional hikes on layover days, from a half mile to 10 miles, or anywhere in between
  • Evenings spent by the fire and the best stargazing anywhere!

August 12-20, 2017

Couple: $2,700
*Early Bird Price Per Couple: $2,195
**Discount per Couple, If you Bring Another Couple: $1,995

Your Dynamic Guides
Lauren Bond Kovsky and Sarah Lila Oswald, bring a balance of coaching, transformational wilderness guiding and a passion for group facilitation. Both hold a Masters in Environmental Leadership, while Lauren is a Transformational Wilderness Guide and Sarah Lila is a teacher of MatrixWorks: Groups as Living Systems.

Experience the Magic
of the Natural World.

Excited to reserve your couple’s river retreat?


Join us on a week-long Couple’s River Retreat

Step out of your daily routine and into a new kind of intimacy with yourself and with your partner. We will build trust through playful daytime floats and fire-side evening councils. The river gives us ample space for play and connection, as well as for solitude and introspection. Join an amazing small community who will support your experience to explore your deepest longings and live into new intentions.

Solo time to experience your relationship to the natural world and to yourself.

Private time with your partner to integrate the materials you’re learning with one another.

Daily group coaching

  • (re)Kindle your romance and break through constraining old patterns.
  • Share an unforgettable journey and relate to your partner with greater empathy, care and kindness.
  • Steep in the beauty of Labyrinth Canyon. Have private time together and on your own in the healing presence of the canyon.

An incredible group of co-journeyers! The group provides:

  • Support & recognition you and your partner are not alone on the wild ride that is human relationship.
  • An understanding of multiple perspectives and a powerful shared experience every step of the way.