“What you may find on a birding trip to Utah”

Utah hosts a number of birds in its beautiful state, we wrote this blog to help you identify them. Bird watchers have long flocked to Utah’s Green River to view Canyon Wrens, Peregrine Falcons, Western Screech Owls and many more.

We have gotten exciting reports of two new species of birds recently in Utah in early March 2017  bird watchers Kathleen & Hal Robins spotted a Common Crane in Green River, Grand County, Utah making the first time this species has been documented in the state!

About two weeks after this a Black-Throated Green Warbler was documented for the first time in Utah. We are so excited at the chance to witness both of these beautiful birds in a new environment.

The American Robin is a very common bird in North America. The males sing a beautiful tune that is usually last heard as the sun sets for the day. This therapeutic lullaby is the perfect tune to wind down a long day on the river.  

The American Goldfinch is another popular bird and using feather identification can easily be identified by its bright yellow color and black cap. Another great way to identify this bird is by its roller coaster flying motion.

Besides these birds, you may see an array of unique species that are usually only found deep in the wilderness.  During breeding season you might also see Blue Grosbeaks, Ash-Throated Flycatcher, and Yellow-Breasted Chat. Due to deforestation and development, the Yellow-Breasted Chat population is greatly decreasing in North America. Bringing awareness to this fact is one of the best ways to help slow this down.

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We can’t wait to see you there!

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